The Wisdom of Hu Sei Dat

Citizens Creative/PRESS is pleased to announce the release of the first edition of THE WISDOM OF HU SEI DAT, compiled by Skip Mendler, with illustrations by Ray Katz.

This book is a short collection of simple spiritual aphorisms and stories, attributed to a (possibly spurious) philosopher named Hu Sei Dat. Some of these may strike some people as humorous. Others may provoke some serious contemplation. Several are graced by illustrations from writer/illustrator Ray Katz of Philadelphia, who has published two books of illustrated micro-stories.

Skip Mendler is a freelance writer and performing artist who lives in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Citizens Creative is his one-person think tank, dedicated to encouraging the development of creativity and its application to current conditions.

The book is available for free at the moment. Donations to support this and other upcoming Citizens Creative projects are welcome and appreciated, and may be sent via Hard copies, soon to be published, may also be preordered in the same way. Suggested donation is $5, $6 for hard copies.

To access the book in PDF format, please click the link below.

The Wisdom of Hu Sei Dat

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The Challenges of Inequality

Some inequality is inevitable in any society – but how much inequality can a society take, when it starts to undermine the basic values of that society? Download the latest CITIZENS CREATIVE brochure by clicking the link below.

The Challenges of Inequality

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Borrowed Time

An essay involving mortality, roller coasters, and the Challengers of the Unknown, written sometime after 9/11.  May provide some useful perspective.  Download the PDF by clicking the link below.

Borrowed Time

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The next pamphlet in the Citizens Creative Pamphlet Series addresses a serious civic question: should citizens be forced to pay for government activities that violate their moral beliefs? And should one group be able to enjoy a freedom without it being enjoyed by all?

Download the PDF of “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, RELIGIOUS FAIRNESS” by clicking on the link below.

religious freedom


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Further Fragments from the Anticalypse

In a followup to “Excerpts from the Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia,” two more pieces on the subject of the End Times:

  • (a prophecy) – in which the rapture does not live up to its advance billing
  • the resurrection of the data – yes, all of it, including that selfie you deleted

To access the pamphlet, click the link below.

anticalypse 2

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There is a resurgent interest in civics education. Can you answer these simple questions… about the way your government really works?

Click the link below to download the new CITIZENS CREATIVE pamphlet, “Alternative Citizenship Test.”

Alternative Citizenship Test

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Excerpts from the Anticalypse

Two short text pieces – “The Four Horsewomen” and “The Rider with the Red Nose” – give a different twist to the events of the End Times. Click the link below to download the PDF of “Excerpts from the Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia.”


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